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Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Exhibition

Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Exhibition

  • Exhibition Time:2023年01月10日-16日
  • Exhibition Highlights:One of the most influential home furnishings and gift fairs in the world
    The Atlanta exhibition is also famous for the number of orders placed at the exhibition
  • Exhibition site:USA Atlanta
  • Exhibition industry:Gifts, Gifts, Daily Consumables, Home Furnishings
  • Exhibition scale:120000 square meters
  • Host organization:AMERICAS MARKET
  • Product description

Scope of Exhibits

1. Home decoration: furniture, wall decorations, decorative lights, decorative mirrors, boxes, etc;

2. Outdoor leisure and gardening supplies: various garden decorations, gardening tools, outdoor supplies, fountains, flower pots, etc;

3. Gifts, tourist souvenirs, handicrafts: various types of gifts, promotional gifts, personal technology products, resin gifts, tourist souvenirs, handicrafts, handicrafts, etc;

4. Daily household items: kitchen supplies, storage bags, glassware, bar utensils, etc;

5. Halloween and party supplies: holiday decorations, wigs, masks, clothing, and other holiday makeup supplies.

Exhibition Profile

The Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Exhibition is held in two sessions annually in Atlanta, southeastern United States, with a history of nearly 50 years. It is hosted by AMERICAS MARKET. The exhibition is famous for the number of orders placed at the exhibition. The purpose of the professional buyers present is clear: firstly, to purchase at the exhibition; secondly, to visit the exhibition and understand the popular trends of related products.



The exhibition covers an area of approximately 120000 square meters, with 4000 manufacturers from 26 countries participating. The audience has reached over 50000 people from over 90 countries (about 90% domestic and 30% international). The exhibition is only open to professional trade professionals and is one of the influential home furnishings and gift fairs in the United States and even around the world. According to a 2014 exhibition survey, 96% of visitors stated that they would continue to participate in the Atlanta exhibition; Nearly 60% of the attending buyers had a transaction value exceeding $200000.

Market Analysis

At present, the US economy is bottoming out and recovering, with a strong demand for high-quality and affordable imported products from China. American importers and wholesalers who have experienced a major reshuffle in their sales structure will actively purchase goods from Asia, especially mainland China. At the same time, the trend of depreciation of the Chinese yuan relative to the US dollar will also benefit Chinese export enterprises in exploring the American market.

Fuzhou plans an exhibition that considers Atlanta the capital of Georgia in the United States. The city's 2-hour flight radius covers 80% of the US population. Up to 150 domestic cities in the United States and over 70 countries have flights to the city. The transportation is very convenient.

According to relevant surveys, the top ten categories of gifts that Americans like are outdoor products (such as wind chimes, black houses, hammocks, etc.), indoor products (such as essence, decorative fabrics, lighting, wall decorations, photo frames, etc.), music tapes or CDs, religious gifts (including greeting cards, wall decorations, sweatshirts, statues, books, tapes, etc.), exquisite food or recipes, coffee and tea, bar supplies (such as wine cups, ashtrays, lighters, cigar boxes, etc.), company gifts Gifts with ethnic characteristics, home office supplies (desk lamps, pens, stationery, computer accessories, etc.). According to a survey of American gift retailers, the best-selling gift categories are collectibles, gardening supplies, candles, children's gifts, followed by greeting cards, general gifts, personal items, etc.






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