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Tokyo International Gift and Grocery Exhibition, Japan

Tokyo International Gift and Grocery Exhibition, Japan

  • Exhibition Time:2023年04月05日-07日
  • Exhibition Highlights:The opportunity to enter the Japanese market through this exhibition
    Tokyo, Japan's well-known daily grocery exhibition
  • Exhibition site:Japan Tokyo
  • Exhibition industry:Gifts, Gifts, Daily Consumables
  • Exhibition scale:120000 square meters
  • Host organization:Reed Exhibitions Japan
  • Product description

Scope of Exhibits

1. Gifts: Festival gift items, wedding supplies, candles, aromatherapy, beauty and makeup products, souvenirs, commercial gifts, consumer electronics, stationery sets, keyboxes, mobile phone lanyards, novelty products, etc;

2. Daily necessities: ceramics and glass products, household plastic products, cups and kettles, bamboo and wood products, cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies, storage, storage, decorations, measuring tools, small appliances, disposable items, general household items;

3. Tableware and kitchenware: tableware, glassware, knives, tablecloths, table decorations, kitchenware, household appliances, kitchen textiles, tableware, and kitchen utensils;

4. Garden supplies: artificial lawns, flowers, dried flowers, artificial flowers, vases, flower baskets, gardening supplies;

5. Home furnishings: interior decorations, indoor lighting fixtures, bedroom textiles, bathroom textiles, interior decorative fabrics, curtain fabrics, metal products, plastic products, bath products, nursing equipment, baby and child products.

6. Promotional and gift items: rain gear, fashion, shoes, bags, belts, clocks, watches, hats, clothing accessories, children's products, stationery, sports equipment, travel equipment, etc.

Exhibition Profile

Tokyo International Gift Exhibition welcomes buyers from all over the world. Tokyo International Gift Purchasing Exhibition consists of six exhibitions, namely: Tokyo International Gift and Gift Exhibition, Tokyo Japan Department Store Exhibition, Tokyo Home Furnishings Exhibition, Tokyo Fashion Apparel and Accessories Exhibition, Tokyo Table Decoration and Tableware Exhibition, Tokyo Kitchenware Exhibition. The previous exhibition had more than 1300 exhibitors, with 73992 professional buyers and visitors attending, Enterprises generally report good exhibition performance. In addition, the leading global Stationery Trade Fair (ISOT) in the Japan/Asia Pacific Stationery&Office Supplies industry, as well as exhibitions of high-quality and novel products from Japan, were also held at the same time.

The exhibition booth design will provide a great opportunity for manufacturers, suppliers, or traders of gifts, daily necessities, household goods, and consumer goods in China and Asia to directly engage in trade negotiations with Japanese importers, first tier wholesalers, and retail giants!



Market Analysis

Japan is a leading gift market in the world, with 38797 gift stores, 9638 interior design stores, 3096 department stores, 5187 wholesalers, and 2213 import and export trading companies. The gift market has a large number of buyers, and its market size is still expanding with the continuous growth of purchasing power. Especially in terms of imported gifts and interior decoration design gifts, there is a high demand. Not only Japan, the trend of pursuing fashion is spreading widely in various Asian countries. The Tokyo International Gift Exhibition is an opportunity to seize the opportunity to explore the gift market in Japan and Asia.

Japan is a consumer island country, with limited land resources. Except for some products produced domestically, the vast majority of daily necessities rely on imports. Especially in Japan, where exchange and gift giving are highly valued, many people choose to give gifts to their family and friends every year on Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and birthdays. Therefore, the gift market in Japan has abundant resources, with a current market capacity of approximately $120 billion. If we can successfully enter this market, it will bring high profits to Chinese gift department store manufacturers. Many foreign companies see attending the Japan Grocery Show as a shortcut to enter the Japanese gift and grocery market, and the fact has also proven that their choice is rewarding.






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