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2023 China Cross border E-commerce Fair

2023 China Cross border E-commerce Fair

  • Exhibition Time:2023年03月18日-20日
  • Exhibition Highlights:National platform, leading event; External exhibition and internal handling, with transaction as the priority; Government support and market operation; Digital exhibition, data assistance; Large area and a wide range of products; With a plethora of activities and strong capital.
  • Exhibition site:China Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center
  • Exhibition industry:Cross border e-commerce
  • Exhibition scale:72000 square meters
  • Host organization:Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, Fujian Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export, Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd
  • Product description

Scope of Exhibits

Exhibits and exhibition areas of overseas exhibitions

1. Supplier exhibition area:

Household and daily consumer goods: kitchen utensils, kitchen supplies, bamboo and wood products, glassware, ceramic products, cups and kettles, kitchen appliances, tea sets, disposable kitchen supplies, stainless steel products, plastic kitchen products, cleaning supplies, umbrellas, raincoats, rain shoes, hangers, storage and sorting bins, trash cans, garbage bags, flashlights, batteries, dishcloths, brooms, mops, mosquito coils, home medical care boxes, tissues and cotton swabs Disposable items, shelves, air fresheners, disinfectants, laundry detergent, etc

3C digital home appliances: household small appliances, digital entertainment, mobile phones and accessories, audio, power supply products, electronic security, etc

Stationery and gifts: holiday supplies, oil paintings and picture frames, interior decorations, DIY products, gift stationery, etc

Footwear and luggage category: men's and women's clothing, children's clothing, underwear, backpacks, luggage, fabric, home textiles, fashion shoes, sports shoes, children's shoes, sandals and slippers, accessories, glasses, fitness clothing, fitness equipment, fitness products, etc

Mother and baby toys: inflatable toys, electronic toys, plush toys, mechanical toys, riding toys, cribs, cradles, baby bedding, baby strollers, baby straps, baby gifts, pregnant women and baby care products, etc

Outdoor garden equipment: horticultural equipment, horticultural equipment, shading equipment, weeding equipment, irrigation equipment, barbecue equipment, horticultural building materials, small machinery, pipeline equipment, etc

Hardware, automotive and motorcycle accessories: hardware tools, automotive and motorcycle consumable parts, beauty and maintenance products, automotive electronic products, interior accessories, automotive repair tools, etc

Medical care for major health: massage chairs, massage beds, foot bath products, eye massage machines, eye masks, goggles, eye protectors, blood pressure and blood sugar detectors, masks, electronic thermometers, household electrocardiograms, health detectors, pedometers, and other household detectors, hydrogen rich water cups, hydrogen rich water machines, hydrogen water filters, drinking water products, and household water equipment

Pet Products Exhibition Area: Pet clothing, food, toys, tableware, traction ropes, grooming and beauty products, litter pet houses, training supplies, etc

Building materials and home decoration: indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, office furniture, children's furniture, dining tables and chairs, sleeping bedding, doors and windows bathroom, lighting hardware, locks and clothes drying, customized home decoration, curtain coatings, smart home, etc

Personal beauty care products: daily skin care products, hair care products, cosmetics, perfume, cosmetics, personal care products, masks, epidemic prevention products, oral care products, washing products, health care, essential oils, body shaping, general health, post natal repair, anti-aging, body care, nail care products, embroidery products, eyelash products, etc

Comprehensive sports equipment: sports and fitness equipment, ball games, tennis, badminton, combat, outdoor sports equipment, yoga, sports and amusement equipment, tents, camping equipment, household swimming pools, etc

Imported products: imported beauty products, mother and baby products, daily chemical products, food and beverage, health products, environmentally friendly intelligent products, etc

2. Service Provider Exhibition Area:

● Information consulting ● Logistics warehousing ● Operations management system ● Payment platform ● Digital marketing ● Financial investment ● Talent cultivation ● Cross border institutions

3. Platform exhibition area:

● Cross border e-commerce platforms ● Cross border e-commerce industrial parks ● Cross border e-commerce comprehensive trial zones, etc

4、 Exhibition Hall Planning: Hall 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 of Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a total area of 72000 square meters



Exhibition Profile

1、 Exhibition situation:

1. Basic Introduction to the Exhibition:

Exhibition Chinese Name: China Cross border E-commerce Fair Abbreviation: Cross border Fair

English name: China Cross order E-Commerce Trade Fair (Fair KWA)

Exhibition location: Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition scale: 72000 square meters

2. Exhibition Overview:

The China Cross border E-commerce Fair is an industry trade event held to integrate the rapidly developing cross-border e-commerce ecosystem resources and provide excellent suppliers and service providers for cross-border platforms and sellers. The Cross Trade Fair is held twice a year in spring and autumn, with a spring exhibition held in Fuzhou in March and an autumn exhibition held in Guangzhou in September.

This year's Cross Strait Fair will continue to use 5 exhibition halls from the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a total area of 72000 square meters. The Cross Trade Fair aims to alleviate difficulties and alleviate obstacles for industries and enterprises related to traditional foreign trade, cross-border e-commerce, exhibition economy, and other related industries. With the goal of "buying the whole country with one exhibition, and connecting the world with one station", it strives to build a new and milestone trading platform in the cross-border e-commerce industry, inviting foreign trade, e-commerce, and exhibition professionals from all over the country to share the grand event.

3. Core procurement sources: cross-border e-commerce sellers (platform sellers+independent stations), platform direct procurement, brand agents, etc

2、 Exhibition Features

National platform, leading event; External exhibition and internal handling, with transaction as the priority; Government support and market operation;

Digital exhibition, data assistance; Large area and a wide range of products; With a plethora of activities and strong capital.

3、 Reason for participation:

Platform (one-stop investment attraction)

Accurate target audience: More than 80% of exhibitors are entry-level or willing enterprises in the cross-border e-commerce supply chain, and all of them are powerful and potential enterprises screened by the organizers

For suppliers (one-stop sales)

Hot sale expected: A large number of buyers from third-party platforms and self built websites around the world gather at the exhibition for annual centralized procurement and obtain industry real testing

For buyers (one-stop procurement)

Real source of goods: A supply chain exhibition from the excellent cross-border e-commerce export industry belt in China, with deep exposure to the source of the manufacturing industry and no middlemen earning price differences

For service providers (one-stop service)

Rich demand: On site buyers and sellers have developed in different ways, and urgent improvement has created diversified service demands in multiple links

4、 Forums and activities:

Release and Interpretation of the Cross border E-commerce Trend Report of the China Cross border E-commerce Financial Capital Summit Forum

China Cross border E-commerce Technology Conference Cross border E-commerce Talent Training Summit Forum

Cross border e-commerce industry belt promotion series activity platform sales operation experience sharing






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