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Philippines Asia International E-commerce Fair

Philippines Asia International E-commerce Fair

  • Exhibition Time:2023年10月05日-07日
  • Exhibition Highlights:
  • Exhibition site:Philippines Manila SMX Exhibition Hall
  • Exhibition industry:Cross border e-commerce
  • Exhibition scale:200000 square meters
  • Host organization:Organizing Committee of China Cross border E-commerce Fair
  • Product description

Scope of Exhibits

1. Household daily necessities: kitchen supplies, household goods, glass products, ceramics, bathroom, handicrafts, furniture, home decorations, garden supplies;

2. Gifts: various gifts, seasonal holiday products, gift boxes, watches and clocks, promotional products, etc;

3. Toys for mother and baby sports: various toys, fitness equipment, sports equipment, mother and baby products, diapers, stationery, baby carriages and cribs, etc;

4. Electronic products: solar energy and energy-saving products, lamps and electrical, automotive electronic products, electronic communication products, consumer electronic products, etc

5. Shoes, clothing, beauty and fashion: various shoes, men's and women's clothing, accessories, underwear, swimwear, pajamas, home wear, beauty and personal care, fashion products, etc;

6. Comprehensive e-commerce services: e-commerce platforms, logistics warehousing, operational payments, design and marketing, insurance finance and taxation, talent cultivation, industrial parks, etc



Exhibition Profile

Under the epidemic, China's foreign trade scale has grown against the trend, and the scale of emerging markets such as Southeast Asia continues to increase. In 2021, China's import and export volume to ASEAN reached 5.67 trillion yuan, making ASEAN the largest trading partner of China, surpassing the European Union and the United States. The performance of economic and trade exchanges with the Philippines is commendable. China has become the Philippines' major trading partner, a major source of imports, the second largest export market, and a major source of foreign investment.

In the overseas exhibition sector, Southeast Asian e-commerce is showcasing its strengths with a posture of "standing out from the dust". According to statistics, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand have all entered the countries with the highest global e-commerce growth rates in 2022. It is expected that the e-commerce market size in Southeast Asia will increase from $120 billion in 2021 to $234 billion by 2025. The Philippines has a population of over one billion, and in 2021, its e-commerce market reached 12 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 132%, making it a rapidly growing Southeast Asian country. It is expected that the global e-commerce market will grow at a growth rate of 25.9% in 2022.

In order to expand Southeast Asia, a global e-commerce market with fast growth and great potential, and seize the huge trade opportunities it brings, the organizers of the China Cross border E-commerce Fair will hold the Philippine Asia International E-commerce Fair in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, in 2023.

This exhibition is a professional cross-border e-commerce exhibition in the Philippines. Provide a convenient and efficient leading trading platform for Chinese cross-border e-commerce suppliers and industry enterprises to explore the e-commerce markets in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Why participate in the Philippines exhibition?

1. National Professional Exhibition - An e-commerce professional exhibition in the Philippines, a fully recognized industry access trade fair from the official to the industry

2. Broad trade prospects - The Philippines is a key country in China's RCEP agreement and the "the Belt and Road" initiative of the China ASEAN Free Trade Area. China's exports to the Philippines have maintained rapid growth, far exceeding the average growth rate of ASEAN over the same period

3. Large market demand - the third largest English speaking country, with 8-10% growth space in the local e-commerce market, and radiating to Europe and America, with huge potential

4. Multiple buyer resources - In addition to inviting local e-commerce sellers and buyers from the Philippines, the exhibition will also attract e-commerce sellers from Southeast Asia, the United States, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Europe and other countries and regions to attend

5. Strong exhibition strength - created by the national team organizers of the China Cross border E-commerce Fair, a leading exhibition in cross-border e-commerce exhibitions






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