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Hong Kong Fashion Exhibition(Fashion Week)

Hong Kong Fashion Exhibition(Fashion Week)

  • Exhibition Time:2021年04月20日-23日
  • Exhibition Highlights:World Fashion Industry Exhibition
    Purchasing Platform for the Fashion Industry
  • Exhibition site:Hong Kong, China - Wan Chai
  • Exhibition industry:Clothing, clothing, fabrics, accessories, textile products
  • Exhibition scale:30000 square meters
  • Host organization:Hong Kong Trade Development Council
  • Product description

Scope of Exhibits

1. Clothing exhibition area: showcasing various types of knitted and woven men's and women's clothing, etc;

2. Bridal Dress and Evening Wear Exhibition Area: A collection of Chinese and American clothing specifically designed for grand occasions such as weddings;

3. Denim clothing area and fashion handbag area: collection of denim clothing and handbags, etc;

4. Fabric and yarn product exhibition area: showcasing cotton, embroidery, functional fabrics, knitted fabrics, linen, ramie, artificial fiber fabrics, silk fabrics, woolen fabrics, as well as various fibers and yarns;

5. Fashion Gallery: Gathering designer brands and new collections;

6. Clothing Museum: showcasing a large number of popular clothing styles, with a wide range of price options, etc;

7. Baby and children's clothing exhibition area: meeting the urgent needs of the thriving children's clothing and baby clothing market, etc;

8. Underwear and clothing exhibition area: showcasing a variety of fashionable underwear and pajamas;

9. Accessory product exhibition area: Revealing diversified accessory accessories and ideas, such as buttons, labels, zippers, lace and beads, etc;

10. Trade services: Provide opportunities for businesses to purchase and promote various fashion related services, including fashion magazines and verification, testing, and certification services;

11. Fashion Accessories Exhibition Area: showcases a wide range of fashion accessories, including handbags, belts, artificial jewelry, shoes, hats, and scarves.



Exhibition Profile

The Spring/Summer collection of the Hong Kong Fashion Festival organized by the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council exudes charming charm, showcasing magnificent and exciting designs, showcasing extraordinary fashion charm. The Fashion Festival brings together elites from the fashion industry around the world, presenting elegant creations and stunning fashion collections, showcasing fashion dynamism and trends.

The "Hong Kong Fashion Festival Spring/Summer Series" is a highly regarded trade event in the industry, providing buyers with a procurement platform. We have gathered about 1200 exhibitors from around the world, showcasing a wide range of design collections, ranging from bulk purchases to small or niche customer orders. This year, the Fashion Festival has added "Women's Clothing Gallery" and "Knitted Apparel". In addition, there are different zones, including "Fashion Accessories World", "Fashion Gallery", "Men's Clothing Gallery", "Fabric and Yarn Products", and "Accessories Products", showcasing diverse ideas and design inspiration. Buyers can boldly try it out during procurement and create new business milestones.

The "Hong Kong Fashion Festival Spring/Summer Series" is lively and colorful. During the exhibition, a series of exciting activities were arranged to showcase the charm of fashion trends, including fashion shows and fashion shows, as well as innovative designs for fashion brand series performances. During the cross-border e-commerce exhibition, multiple seminars will be held to give everyone the opportunity to understand the development and characteristics of fashion trends, and to take the opportunity early. Multiple internationally renowned trend forecasting experts will come to share their insights, including WGSN Group and Fashion Snoops, to analyze new fashion trends for everyone. In addition, everyone can also explore procurement opportunities and expand business through the buyer forum. The conference also arranges many communication opportunities to deepen mutual understanding between buyers and exhibitors, and expand their network and business network.

The exhibition attracts a large number of high-quality professional buyers to come and purchase, and through this trade platform, business can be easily and effectively negotiated. The conference provides comprehensive services, arranging business matching meetings for individual needs, and providing buyer guidance services. The 'buyer ambassador' at the venue is also available to assist visitors at any time. The "Hong Kong Fashion Festival Spring/Summer Series" is one of the most anticipated fashion exhibitions in the global industry, attracting numerous internationally renowned brands to visit. Fashion elites from all over the world gather, and don't miss it. Welcome to visit and purchase.






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