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International Baby and Childrens Products Exhibition in Cologne, Germany(K+J)

International Baby and Childrens Products Exhibition in Cologne, Germany(K+J)

  • Exhibition Time:2021年09月09日-11日
  • Exhibition Highlights:The world's largest exhibition of baby and child products
    The novelty and diversity of the products at the exhibition attract buyers from all over the world
  • Exhibition site:Germany Cologne
  • Exhibition industry:Toys for infants and children
  • Exhibition scale:100000 square meters
  • Host organization:Germany Cologne Exhibition Co., Ltd Koelnmesse
  • Product description

Scope of Exhibits

1. Baby clothing, children's clothing: children's clothing, baby clothing, crawling clothes, saliva wipes, party clothing, masks, hats, scarves, gloves, maternity clothing, etc;

2. Beds, furniture and bedding: Youth furniture, children's furniture, cribs, foldable tables, doors, stairs, mats, cushions, children's room supplies, lighting and lighting fixtures, bedding, tablecloths, tapestries, carpets, blankets, pillows, baby sleeping bags, etc;

3. Baby strollers and safety seats: strollers, walkers, seat belts, sun beds, sun hats, etc; Car and bicycle seats, carrying equipment, helmets, safety equipment, etc;

4. Toys: baby toys, various youth toys, amusement park equipment, school equipment, etc;

5. Health care and baby care products: diapers, diapers, and health care cleaning products; Pacifiers, bottles, bottle brushes, and accessories; Electronic displays, monitors, thermometers, electronic scales, etc.



Exhibition Profile

The Cologne International Children's Products Exhibition (K+J) was founded in 1965 and has a history of over 50 years. It is a large-scale global trade exhibition for infants, children's products, and children's products. It is an important venue for enterprises to understand the development trends and market prospects of the global children's industry, find partners, and expand the international market. It is recognized as a "good exhibition for serving the little ones". Most of the attendees to the exhibition are importers, exporters, manufacturers, wholesalers, agents, as well as procurement personnel from major chain stores, specialty stores, and other industries. Moreover, the exhibition's wide coverage and diverse products also attract buyers from all over the world.

The K+J exhibition attracted 937 exhibitors from over 40 countries to showcase their new products, with 80% of the participating companies coming from outside Germany. The exhibition covers an exhibition area of 94000 square meters and attracted 21647 visitors from 95 countries and regions, an increase of 9% compared to the previous edition. 66% of the audience came from countries other than Germany, and the International Children's Products Exhibition has once again become an important international exchange platform for the children's products industry. This exhibition provides an opportunity for enterprises in our province to explore the European market and understand international trends in this industry.

The atmosphere at the K+J exhibition is also optimistic and upward, which can be reflected in the flow of people or the level of participants. Many exhibitors are quite satisfied with such a large number of overseas buyers. A survey shows that 90% of buyers are company decision-makers, of which 48% are important decision-makers. A total of 87% of visitors stated that visiting here exceeded their expected goals and were quite satisfied with such a trade platform. In addition, the number of visitors from Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and South Korea has significantly increased. Another sign of the success of this K+J exhibition is the increase in the number of participating baby and child products associations. For example, the Baby Products Association (BPA) from the UK, the Children's Products Association (ASEPRI) from Spain, and the European Children's Fashion (CFE). In addition, on the same day of the trade fair, a European Infant and Child Products Alliance (ENPC) was announced.

Market Analysis

The exhibition has two exhibition halls, namely the first and second floors of Hall 10 and the first, second, and third floors of Hall 11, attracting exhibitors from more than ten countries, including Germany, Spain, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Poland, Russia, Denmark, Italy, and other well-known brands such as Britax, Garco, Aprica, Nux, etc. The entire exhibition site has a unique design with bright and lively colors. The products mainly include baby strollers, children's furniture, baby clothing, textiles, maternity clothing, and children's shoes, making visitors linger and forget to leave. In terms of exhibitors, nearly 80% of them come from overseas, working together with buyers to create a commercial world for infants and children.

At the exhibition, the exhibition level of participating brands is different, and enterprises pay more attention to the display and promotion of the enterprise during the exhibition period, rather than the simple accumulation of products in the past. They showcase the image of the enterprise through various aspects such as corporate image, corporate culture, product value, technology, etc. In terms of products, the exhibited products have higher technological content and more new products.

The overseas e-commerce exhibition is a well-known exhibition in the baby and child industry, where major foreign brands such as NUK, New Anyi, Beiqin, Aplijia, etc. make a concentrated appearance, showcasing many new product series, but samples are refused to be sold. The booths of large exhibitors are mostly enclosed, making it difficult for visitors to enter the product area. They must make an appointment to enter for negotiations. In comparison, exhibitors from the European region have strong capabilities, and many foreign companies as suppliers have cooperative relationships with many Chinese factories, especially in raw material procurement. Regarding the advantageous regions of the infant and child industry abroad, the fashion industry is mainly centered around Italy, Poland, and Mexico. Many exhibitors believe that by participating in the exhibition, their brand position has been consolidated and recognized by more customers. On the one hand, they have maintained old customers, and on the other hand, they have also discovered a large number of potential customers, laying the foundation for exploring new markets.

Domestic baby and child products are generally concentrated in the Guangdong region, mainly Guangdong and Dongguan, Zhejiang region, mainly Ningbo and Taizhou, and Jiangsu region, mainly Kunshan. In addition to displaying samples, some domestic exhibitors also use display screens for display.

For exhibitors, understanding the trend of new product trends can drive a new round of market prospects. Some domestic and foreign exhibitors not only learn about new products in the market, but also take the opportunity to find brand products that can be represented, distributed or distributed.






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