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Tokyo International Stationery and Office Supplies Exhibition, Japan(ISOT)

Tokyo International Stationery and Office Supplies Exhibition, Japan(ISOT)

  • Exhibition Time:2021年01月27日-29日
  • Exhibition Highlights:One of the world's important stationery and office supplies exhibitions
    Asia's renowned stationery and office supplies trade exhibition
  • Exhibition site:Japan Tokyo
  • Exhibition industry:Office supplies Stationery supplies
  • Exhibition scale:50000 square meters
  • Host organization:Reed Exhibitions
  • Product description

Scope of Exhibits

1. School supplies: writing tools, drawing materials, exercise books, folders, backpacks, environmentally friendly stationery, stationery boxes, etc;

2. Office supplies: office equipment, calculators, demonstration supplies, storage supplies, mailing, pasting, stamping equipment, writing, drawing tools, comprehensive products, etc;

3. Office consumables: printers, copiers, multimedia equipment, ink cartridges, ribbons, labels, software, data storage products, computer accessories, multimedia components, etc;

4. Packaging products: gift bags, ribbons, bows, cardboard products, etc;

5. Greeting cards/calendars: picture calendars such as cards, authorizations, designer products, art, cartoons, photos, etc;

6. Office paper: transparent paper, inkjet, laser copy paper, letter paper, envelopes, transparent paper, documents, books, calendars, packaging cover materials, etc;

7. Household paper products: napkins, decorative transparent paper, etc;

8. Stationery gifts: commemorative books, diary books, envelopes, stationery, calligraphy, fashion gifts, authorized gifts, toy books, creative gifts, etc;

9. Toy gifts: plush toys, electronic toys, toy cars, toys, children's bedding, floor mats, party clothing, magic toys, toy packaging gifts, early childhood education supplies, book gifts, etc.


Exhibition Profile

The Tokyo International Stationery and Office Supplies Exhibition (ISOT) is a well-known stationery and office supplies trade exhibition in Asia and one of the world's important stationery exhibitions. The organizers of the exhibition have injected new elements into ISOT year by year, allowing the initial stationery and office supplies exhibition to continue expanding its exhibition area. At the same time, there are also exhibitions on office machinery and equipment, office security equipment and supplies, and international exhibitions on exquisite gifts.

More than 1000 companies from 32 countries participated in the exhibition. With the revitalization of the Japanese economy and the increased promotion and investment efforts by the organizers, the ISOT exhibition will usher in a new growth peak. Chinese enterprises also have the opportunity to conclude OEM agreements with a large number of large companies in the industry.

Over the years, numerous innovative and creative stationery, office supplies, and gifts have also gathered at cross-border e-commerce exhibition planning meetings. As a global market for stationery, office supplies, and gifts, Japan has become a key entry point for stationery merchants from various countries to enter the Japanese market.

Audience source:

Importers, import agents, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, corporate users, large-scale retailers, stationery stores, department stores, supermarkets, discount stores, convenience stores, bookstores, gift stores, home centers, specialty stores, leisure goods and crafts stores, printing service stores.






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