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Outdoor Products Exhibition in Munich, Germany(OutDoor)

Outdoor Products Exhibition in Munich, Germany(OutDoor)

  • Exhibition Time:2021年07月05日-08日
  • Exhibition Highlights:One of the world's largest outdoor exhibitions
    European Outdoor Products International Exhibition
  • Exhibition site:Germany Munich
  • Exhibition industry:Outdoor sports equipment
  • Exhibition scale:85000 square meters
  • Host organization:Messe Friedrichshafen GmbH
  • Product description

Scope of Exhibits

1. Various leisure equipment: outdoor furniture, garden equipment, leisure tables and chairs, etc;

2. Camping equipment category: sleeping bags, tents, hammocks, accessories, etc;

3. Backpack category: travel bags, travel canvas backpacks, off-road canvas backpacks, hiking bags, climbing bags and accessories, etc;

4. Various types of sports and fitness equipment: water sports equipment, inflatable boats, rubber boats, harness supplies, telescopes, sports kettles, ball products, etc;

5. Sports and leisure clothing: jackets, hiking suits, down jackets, cycling suits, skiing suits, off-road suits, casual sports shoes, hats, etc.



Exhibition Profile

The Munich Outdoor Goods Exhibition, hereinafter referred to as OutDoor, is organized by the Messe Friedrichshafen GmbH in Germany. Friedrichshafen is located at the border of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, bordering Lake Constantine with beautiful scenery and is a summer vacation in Germany. The Expo was founded in 1994 and is held annually.

The booth design and construction company has developed into the current European Outdoor Products International Expo. Each exhibition attracts over 800 brands from over 90 countries and regions to showcase their new products, with over 70% coming from outside Germany. The products exhibited at the exhibition represent the new trend of outdoor sports products in the world today.

Major exhibitors also highly praised the successful hosting of European outdoor exhibitions. The audience survey for this exhibition is still conducted by an independent survey company, focusing on the international elements of European outdoor exhibitions. The survey results show that 70% of the audience comes from outside Germany, while 98% of the respondents believe that the development of the outdoor industry will be "optimistic" or "stable". When asked if visiting a European outdoor exhibition was worth it, 90% of respondents gave a positive feedback.

Market Analysis

According to statistics, European consumers spend up to ten billion euros annually on outdoor sports equipment, with Germany accounting for about 2.5 billion euros. German citizens spend more on outdoor sports than other countries. The German outdoor sports market has experienced significant growth for a considerable period of time, and the German Outdoor Products Exhibition (OUTDOOR) emerged in this market environment!

The German people's love for outdoor sports is not traceable, they strongly believe that "those who persist in sports and engage in appropriate physical exercise can have a happier and longer life". In addition, the diverse forms of fitness activities in Germany, with activity venues suitable for different hobbies and age groups, have formed a fitness atmosphere with a sufficient number of people.

Whenever it's sunny and windy, many wet parents gather on the grassland by the Neckar River, taking their babies to bask in the sun and play games. The children chase and play football on the grass with their unsteady steps, and the long haired puppies also come to join the fun. The game stimulates children's lively and active nature, cultivating their interest in sports.






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