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Denver Outdoor Sports and Snowy Products Exhibition, USA

Denver Outdoor Sports and Snowy Products Exhibition, USA

  • Exhibition Time:2022年01月27日-29日
  • Exhibition Highlights:Famous outdoor products and skiing exhibitions in North America
    directly showcase corporate brands on-site to buyers and industry leaders
  • Exhibition site:USA - Denver
  • Exhibition industry:Outdoor sports equipment
  • Exhibition scale:
  • Host organization:Outdoor Industry Association of America/Ice and Snow Sports Industry Association of America
  • Product description

Scope of Exhibits

1. Snow products: Ski clothing fabrics, thermal insulation coatings, zippers, ropes/straps; Ski boards, ski poles, ski boots, ski goggles, various fixators, wrist protectors, elbow protectors, knee protectors, ski gloves, ski suits, ski hats, etc;

2. Snow accessories: Ski sleds and other related skiing equipment, accessories: wood core/metal edge, resin, adhesive, high-tech components, etc; Accessories, bandages, snow sheaths, fur/leggings, flat bottomed sleds, snowboard accessories, snowboard protective equipment, snowboards, snowshoes, lunge turning poles, training supplies;

3. Outdoor equipment accessories: binoculars, books/tapes/CDs, compass/positioning systems, cooking utensils/fuel, emergency supplies, emergency lights, food/beverages, games/toys/gifts, hand warmers, helmets, insect repellents, knives, magazines/cards/calendars, maps, pets, radios, sports luggage racks, sunglasses, sun protection products, tourism, watches, water treatment systems, etc;

4. Sports fashion: belts, casual wear/sweaters/T-shirts, children's clothing, gloves/hats, insulated outerwear, socks, swimwear, underwear, etc;

5. Camping supplies and backpacks: accessories, backpacks, camping gear, children's gear, fishing gear, hiking boots, various cushions/mattresses, sleeping bags, tents, travel bags, power poles, etc;

6. Bicycle sports equipment: accessories, clothing, bags/bicycle bags, helmets, shoes, etc;

7. Climbing and rock climbing sports equipment: clothing, children's products, climbing accessories, climbing chalk/bags, climbing shoes, climbing walls/support equipment, helmets, braces/backpacks, rock racks, hiking boots, climbing equipment, ropes, etc;

8. Footwear: footwear care products, casual shoes, children's shoes, boots, sandals, slippers, sports shoes, etc;

9. Water sports: accessories, rowing, children's products, footwear, helmets, paddles, inflatable rafts, windsurfing, sailing, various water sports clothing, etc;

10. Yoga: pads, footwear, maintenance products/personal care products, clothing, books/DVDs/CDs, training supplies, food;

11. Retail services: bags/labels/cash packaging supplies, computer software and hardware, lighting equipment, security systems, promotional supplies, etc;

12. Raw materials: fibers, finished fabrics, general resources/machinery, other materials, etc;

13. Other: advertising/public relations agencies, associations, consulting companies, consumer magazines, travel/guidebooks/clothing merchants, trade magazines, etc.



Exhibition Profile

SNOW SHOW, organized by the Ski Industry Association of America (SIA), is an authoritative exhibition for the winter sports industry in the United States and a professional snow sports fair in North America. It is held annually in Denver and has been held for over 50 years. The exhibition is only open to professional trade visitors. Every year, the exhibition brings together over 900 exhibitors, bringing over 1000 major brands and professionals from all over the United States to participate.

The Salt Lake City Outdoor Retailer, with a history of nearly 30 years, has always been one of the major and large-scale ordering events in the world's outdoor sports goods market. Each overseas e-commerce exhibition has attracted extensive participation and attention from numerous brands, distributors, retailers, and media in the outdoor sports industry. The exhibition covers new products from various fields in the industry, showcases new trends in the outdoor sports market, and provides direct face-to-face opportunities for exhibitors and industry decision-makers. The exhibition venue has been relocated to Denver since January 2018.

Since January 2018, the OUTDOOR RETAILER exhibition and SNOW SHOW exhibition have been working together to share resources. Professional outdoor sports and snow equipment exhibitions in North America, selection of exhibition procurement.

[Current Review]

The exhibition site will welcome over 20000 professional buyers and industry insiders from over 30 countries, including international brands Timberland, The North Face, W.L. Gore, Columbia Sportswear, Patagonia, Ocean Kayak, Keen, Osprey, Merrell, Adidas exterior, etc., all of which will continue to participate continuously. There are nearly a thousand exhibitors from nearly 20 countries around the world, including over 200 new exhibitors.

The highlight of this year is the introduction of the concept of snow products exhibition and the exhibition area, which has a good pedestrian flow. The four-day exhibition atmosphere was exceptionally lively, compared to the January Salt Lake City outdoor exhibition, with a lot of people flowing in and more lively. Our company's group of companies all expressed that the results achieved or exceeded expectations.

Market Analysis

The United States is a major consumer of outdoor products, and there is a great demand in the retail market of outdoor products in the United States. The average sales of retail stores, online stores, and large stores have begun to show a growth trend in 2017. The addition of professional skiing exhibitions has brought a group of brands from North American snow sports exhibitions, expanding the influence of the entire industry and providing Chinese enterprises with an opportunity to enter the US market. The exhibition will bring exhibitors:

An opportunity that cannot be missed, directly showcasing the corporate brand on-site to professional buyers and industry leaders;

Establishing new distribution channels and business opportunities;

Attracting international buyers from around the world to attend and internationalizing the brand's products;

Become a platform for promoting outdoor product display and understanding new trends in the outdoor market.






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