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China Dehua Ceramic Expo and Tea Set Culture Festival

China Dehua Ceramic Expo and Tea Set Culture Festival

  • Exhibition Time:2021年10月15日-18日
  • Exhibition Highlights:Dehua is the most important producing area of ceramic tea sets, and buyers of Tea Expo must visit Dehua
    October is the peak sales season of Dehua ceramics and tea sets
  • Exhibition site:China Dehua
  • Exhibition industry:tea set
  • Exhibition scale:60000 square meters
  • Host organization:China Ceramic Industry Association / China Tea Circulation Association / China Arts and Crafts Association / China collectors association
  • Product description

Exhibition Scope

Ceramic boutiques, tea sets and supporting boutiques, tea boutiques, etc., and the establishment of a ceramic museum, Dongshang Ceramic Village, Dehua Xinxiu Garden, Shunmei Life Museum, Longpeng Group, Wuzhou Ceramics, Jinchachai Cultural and Creative Base, Ruci Life Museum, Jinhuang Museum, Ancheng Entrepreneurship Park, Chengyi Ceramic, Sande Ceramic City, Ceramic Office Exhibition Hall, etc.



Exhibition Profile

The exhibition area of this Expo is 60000 square meters, which is 20% larger than that of the previous one. The scope of the exhibition covers three kinds of ceramic boutiques: craft ceramics, art ceramics, household ceramics, as well as tea set boutiques, tea supporting boutiques, tea boutiques, etc., so as to further integrate tea set and tea industry.

In addition to the wonderful content of the main venue, the Fuzhou booth was also planned to be built with rich sub venue activities. Eight sub venues were set up to carry out a series of activities, including the Ceramic Museum, the golden carriage cultural and creative base, Dongshang ceramic art village, Shunmei ceramic cultural life Museum, longpeng Art Museum, China White Art Palace, such as the porcelain life Museum, and the ceramics office. The whole Dehua county was built into a large exhibition hall and reception hall.

During the Expo, rich supporting activities will also be held, including the unveiling ceremony of the logo of "Dehua, the capital of porcelain in the world", the awarding ceremony of the science popularization education base of the Chinese Academy of Arts and crafts, a series of activities for the return of Dehua Ceramic treasures from the shipwreck of the "Taixing", the release of the 2020-2021 trend of Chinese daily-use ceramic design, the award ceremony of the "he Chaozong Cup" 2019 China (Dehua) ceramic industry design competition "Thousands of cups and thousands of lamps" -- selection and exhibition of excellent works of collectible tea sets (ceramics), "Hello world, I am China White" short video competition award ceremony, tea party competition award ceremony, Dehua publicity activities of China's natural oxygen bar, Dehua ceramics theme Carnival activities.

[highlights of the exhibition]

1. Large ceramic and tea set producing areas nationwide hold exhibitions. Dehua, one of the three ancient porcelain capitals in China, has developed into a large production and export base of ceramic handicrafts in the country, and has been rated as the capital of porcelain in China and the capital of ceramics in the world. From 2018 to 2022, the output value of ceramics will reach 50billion yuan, of which Dehua Ceramic Tea set output has accounted for 80% of the country.

2. At the same time, Xiamen Tea Expo drainage: Dehua, as an important production area of ceramic tea sets, Tea Expo buyers must visit Dehua. The organizing committee will conduct extensive publicity and invitation of buyers at the Tea Expo site.

3. Peak season of ceramic and tea set procurement: October is the peak season of Dehua Ceramic and tea set sales. Domestic and foreign ceramic and tea set merchants gather in Dehua, the capital of ceramics in the world.

4. Fujian is an important market for ceramics and tea sets: Fujian people love tea. The whole people drink, speak, understand and love tea. Tea tasting has become an indispensable part of Fujian people's life. Fujian is an important market for tea sets.

market analysis

Dehua class 3 is an important ceramic production Town, and now the output of ceramic tea sets alone accounts for 80% of the country. Located in the third class, China tea set city is a key construction project in Fujian Province. Dehua Ceramic tea sets account for 80% of the country's production area, with a planned construction area of 1200 Mu and a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan. It is composed of professional markets, conference centers, museums, e-commerce, exhibition centers, headquarters buildings, hotels, cultural squares and other functional areas. The first phase of the project, with a construction land of 292 mu, a construction area of 350000 m2 and a total investment of 600million yuan, started construction in 2015.

In February, 2018, all the shops were sold out, attracting more than 250 enterprises and merchants from Shanghai, Jiangxi, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Zhengzhou, Xiamen, Chaozhou, Wuyishan, Taiwan and other parts of the country to settle in, initially forming an international professional tea set market integrating tea set wholesale, exhibition, retail, e-commerce, logistics, scientific research, training, creation and industrial chain integration, and becoming a large tea set industry distribution highland and ceramic culture Cultural and creative industries characteristic window.

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