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Philippine International Clothing and Textile Exhibition and Philippine Sports Industry and Sports Fashion Exhibition

Philippine International Clothing and Textile Exhibition and Philippine Sports Industry and Sports Fashion Exhibition

  • Exhibition Time:2023年10月06日-08日
  • Exhibition Highlights:Famous Clothing and Sports Goods Professional Exhibition in the Philippines
  • Exhibition site:Philippines Manila
  • Exhibition industry:Clothing, clothing, sports equipment
  • Exhibition scale:
  • Host organization:Globe Link Exhibition Company
  • Product description

Exhibition Scope

1. Clothing category: various women's clothing, men's clothing, swimwear, underwear, sports and leisure wear, children's clothing, denim clothing, clothing, home textiles, fabrics, accessories, etc;

2. Shoes and accessories: women's shoes, men's shoes, children's shoes, leather shoes, sports shoes, beach shoes, slippers, shoe materials, leather products, etc; Fashion shoulder bags, children's bags, backpacks, computer bags, luggage, shopping bags, belts, glasses, socks, gloves, umbrellas, hats, accessories, etc;

3. Sports equipment: fitness equipment, bicycles, rehabilitation equipment, massage equipment, badminton, tennis and other ball products;

4. Outdoor sports: travel bags, ice bags, outdoor bags, mosquito repellents, hammocks, tents, beach chairs, beach umbrellas, etc;

5. Water sports: water skiing boards, surfboards, waterproof bags, swimming goggles, sun protection products, life jackets, diving equipment, etc.


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Exhibition Profile

◆ Why Attend the Philippine Exhibition ◆

1. National Professional Exhibition - The exhibition is organized by Globe Link Exhibition Company in the Philippines and is a well-known clothing and sports goods professional exhibition in the Philippines.

2. Younger Population - Nearly 110 million people in the Philippines are under the age of 25, accounting for up to 50% of the population. Young Filipinos love sports, such as basketball, football, running, and fitness, which are popular sports activities in the Philippines.

3. Large market demand - Filipinos have a strong willingness to consume shoes, clothing, and sports goods, with private consumption accounting for nearly 70% of GDP.

4. Broad Trade Prospects - From January to November 2018, the bilateral trade volume between the Philippines and China reached 27.666 billion US dollars, accounting for 16.9%, with a year-on-year increase of 19.6%; The Philippines imported US $19.525 billion from China, a year-on-year increase of 24.1%. At the same time, the Philippines is also a key country in China's "the Belt and Road Initiative".

5. Multiple buyer resources - In addition to inviting local buyers from the Philippines, the exhibition will also attract buyers from Southeast Asia, the United States, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Europe and other countries and regions.

6. Business Relations - More than 90% of Chinese and overseas Chinese in the Philippines come from Fujian, and the two regions have close trade and cultural exchanges in history.

During the Philippines exhibition, trend forums and corporate brand promotion activities will also be held to attract more professionals and decision-makers to participate. Whether it is the scale, innovation, specialization, internationalization of exhibition design and production in Fuzhou, or the quality of trade audiences, it can be called a local industry event and reflects the trends and trends of sports industry development.

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