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Sixteen years, grateful for being with you all the way

2017-05-04 09:43:10

Sometimes, we are too reserved,

Sometimes, we always feel like everyone understands without saying it,

Sometimes, I even feel too busy to say thank you,

We always seem to need a reason to express our inner emotions.

Thanksgiving, a holiday for foreigners,

But for us who are implicit, it is a perfectly fitting existence.

Today, I solemnly express my gratitude to you for accompanying us in the Huiyuan exhibition.


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Thank you, dear exhibitor friend,

It is the support, trust, and tolerance you have always given us that has allowed us to grow step by step.

Thank you, dear partner,

It is your diligent cooperation that allows us to run forward with peace of mind.

Thank you, dear leaders,

It is your concern and support that drives us forward in a determined direction.

Thank you for supporting Huiyuan to spread its wings and soar high!

We will be more patient, attentive, and attentive,

Show you a more excellent Huiyuan exhibition planning!


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