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[Suspense+Welfare Post] They took a vacation and saved the life of a young girl

2017-05-25 09:48:22

Today, Fuzhou Exhibition Planning Company is here to share with all the visitors a small story about Huiyuan Exhibition employees,

After learning about this, Xiaozhan felt particularly shocked and proud,

Today, I would like to share with all the friends at Huiyuan Exhibition.


Network diagram, intrusion deletion

Last week, all colleagues from the second business unit of Huiyuan Exhibition went on vacation to Zhangzhou,

Everyone is enjoying the sea breeze in Zhangzhou Coastal Volcano Geological Park,

While enjoying the visual impact of black volcanic rocks and white waves,

An unknown young woman in her twenties next to her only focused on taking photos,

I slipped and fell into the sea,

At that time, the seawater quickly submerged her head,

She was pushed out by the seawater bit by bit,

Faced with such a dangerous situation, his companions were stunned,

I don't know what to do.

At this moment, a colleague from Huiyuan who couldn't swim,

Immediately, he stretched out his sturdy "heroic legs" and let the girl grasp them,

But the girl couldn't be caught because she was constantly playing around.

At this moment, nearby colleagues from Huiyuan also rushed over and extended their hands,

Everyone pulled the girl out of the sea one by one.

Due to the urgency of the situation, only one photo was taken and the number of people on camera was limited.

#Guess who he is#

Friends who leave a message and answer correctly in the message area

Send a surprise gift!

There are only five gifts, come and guess!

So quick a response, so desperate a rescue,


What Xiaozhan wants to say

It is not the great sentiment of Huiyuan people who are selfless and brave in taking responsibility,

Xiaozhan sighed with admiration

Huiyuan people's emergency response ability and team cooperation ability in emergency situations.

People often say that going abroad to participate in exhibitions

Which exhibition company has similar booths and services

But they didn't expect,

The key to the quality of an exhibition lies in the organizers

The quality of exhibition services,

Most of it depends on the quality of the exhibition service team provided

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