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Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd. has been actively implementing national strategies, building an international communication platform for Chinese brands and enterprises, creating a Chinese brand business card, promoting Chinese quality, Chinese independent brands, and leading Chinese manufacturing to "go global". In 2022, Huiyuan Cultural Development Group Co., Ltd. was established, and it is a subsidiary of Fujian Huiyuan Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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Fuzhou Headquarters: Building 22, Zone A, Software Park, Tongpan Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou City

Xiamen subsidiary: 19D, Building A, CITIC Plaza, No. 29 Hubin North Road, Siming District, Xiamen City

Beijing Branch: Building 302, Building 1, Guotou Wealth Plaza, No. 9 Guang'an Road, Fengtai District, Beijing

Quanzhou subsidiary: 1122-1125, Building 13, Donghai Taihe Office Building, Fengze District, Quanzhou City

Ningde Subsidiary: Room 1402, Building 2, Shallow Bay, Hubin Road, Chengnan, Fu'an City

Putian subsidiary: Putian Convention and Exhibition Center, No. 1028 Puxing Road, Xiuyu District, Putian City

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