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Since 2000, our exhibition business has spread to more than 70 countries and regions on five continents around the world. Throughout the year, there were nearly 200 domestic and international exhibition projects, involving 40 industries such as shoes and clothing, handicrafts, household goods, furniture, baby and child products, stationery, energy, mechatronics, food, hardware and building materials. As of now, our company has undertaken the work of the Fujian Trading Group for the 34th Canton Fair, the global general agency for the import exhibition area for the 10th Canton Fair, and has hosted/hosted 13 professional exhibitions in domestic and foreign industries.

We have 19 years of service experience and gradually build the entire industry chain of enterprise marketing services according to the needs of enterprises. Our business includes: hosting domestic and foreign exhibitions, representing overseas exhibitions, booth construction, overseas marketing services, exhibition halls and museums, creative industry park operation, import and export trade, foreign trade magazines, financial investment, chamber of commerce services, etc.

1. Host/host domestic and international exhibitions

Hosted 13 professional exhibitions in domestic and foreign industries

71 professional teams holding national exhibition professional certificates

Having rich exhibition organizing experience, accurately matching your products with the exhibition

2. Acting as an agent for overseas exhibitions

Nearly 200 agency exhibition projects covering 40 industries throughout the year

In 2017, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade rated our company as one of the top four exhibition companies in the country

One of the top ten overseas exhibition organizers in China, maintaining good cooperative relationships with world-renowned exhibition companies

3. Booth construction

Awarded the Macau MIF Environmental Protection Booth Commendation Certificate

Designer won the 2018 Innovation China Zui Jia Creative Works Silver Award

Received GJ level exhibition engineering first level qualification, officially certified as industry first level

4. Overseas marketing services

Authorized core partners of Google in Greater China

Global Internet Integrated Marketing Service Provider Based on Big Data Technology

Provide a comprehensive solution for overseas marketing combined with international exhibitions

5. Exhibition Hall&Museum Operations

Collaborating with 17 enterprises in Fujian and China Poly Group, we will build a 92000 square meter Poly World Trade Expo Hall next to the Canton Fair.

Huiyuan Exhibition and Guangzhou Fair Exhibition Engineering Company jointly won the bid for the operation and management service project of Putian Convention and Exhibition Center.

6. Operation of Creative Industry Park

Gathering small and medium-sized enterprises and leveraging platform advantages

Building distinctive cultural industry blocks in Fuzhou, Quanzhou, and Jinjiang includes Wudian City in Jinjiang, Yuanhe Hall 1916 in Quanzhou, and No. 1 Shaoyuan in Fuzhou, among others.

7. Import and export trade

Rated as a Class A management enterprise by Fuzhou Customs

8. Foreign Trade Journal

Fujian Foreign Trade Magazine provides services such as exchange of exhibition experience and skills, release of foreign trade business information, and strategies for responding to changes in international trade

9. Financial Investment

Create financial products for "exhibition order financing guarantee"

10. Chamber of Commerce Services

Honored as the President and Vice President of 18 associations, including the Fujian Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, Fuzhou Convention and Exhibition Industry Association, Fujian Furniture and Decoration Export Base Chamber of Commerce, and Fujian Home Decoration Import and Export Chamber of Commerce; Vice president units include: Fujian Electronic Information Products Export Base Chamber of Commerce, Fujian Ship Export Base Chamber of Commerce, Fujian Machinery Equipment Export Base Chamber of Commerce, Fujian Energy Saving Lamp Export Base Chamber of Commerce, Fujian Sports Goods Export Base Chamber of Commerce, and so on.

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