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Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd

Address: Building 22, Zone A, Software Park, No. 89 Software Avenue, Tongpan Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou City

Fax: 0591-87875022




Exhibition Department 1

Business scope: Exhibition Department 1 is responsible for exhibition projects related to industries including gifts, handicrafts, household goods, office stationery, Hong Kong series exhibitions, Poly Phase II exhibitions, and exhibition projects designated by the company.

Fax:0591- 87822605

Phone:0591-87819925  87822970  87826902


Exhibition Department 2    

Business scope: Exhibition Department 2 is responsible for exhibition projects involving industries such as shoes, clothing, shoe machines, shoe materials, outdoor products, fabric accessories, toys and baby products, as well as exhibition projects designated by the company, such as the China ASEAN (Thailand) Commodity Exhibition.

Fax: 0591-87872220

Tel: 0591-87825732

Email: hyfairs@hyfairs.com   hyexpo@hyfairs.com

Exhibition Department III

Business scope: Exhibition Department 3 is responsible for exhibition projects related to industries such as power energy, electronic lighting, engineering machinery, stone building materials, food, environmental protection, horticultural hardware, as well as exhibition projects designated by the company, such as Malaysia China Fujian Commodity Exhibition and Fuzhou Home Construction Exhibition.

Fax: 0591-87767676

Tel: 0591-87767675

Email: expo3@hyfairs.com

Exhibition Section 4  

Business scope: Exhibition Department 4 is responsible for exhibition projects involving industries such as the import exhibition area of the Canton Fair and domestic self organized exhibitions (98 Wine Exhibition, Fuzhou Fashion Wedding Expo, Fuzhou Fishery Expo).

Fax: 0591-88013532

Tel: 0591-88520522

Email: sandy@hyfairs.com

Exhibition Section 5

Business scope: Exhibition Department 5 is responsible for undertaking business including: undertaking the Fujian Trading Group of the Canton Fair/China Fair, the Fujian Provincial Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Small and Medium Enterprise Service Center, cooperating with the Ministry of Electronic Commerce to recruit exhibitions, and undertaking exhibition service tasks assigned by the company.

Fax: 0591-88041088

Tel: 0591-87812359

Email: expo5@hyfairs.com

Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Xiamen Branch

Address: Room 1401, Dihao Building, No. 820 Xiahe Road, Xiamen City

Fax: 0592-5672727

Tel: 0592-5338328

Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Quanzhou Branch

Address: Room 203, Building 8, Fuxin Garden City, Fengze Street, Quanzhou City

Fax: 0595-22218318

Tel: 0595-22218315

Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Ningde Branch

Address: Room 1402, Building 2, Shallow Bay, Hubin Road, Chengnan, Fu'an City

Tel: 0593-666555

Fujian Huiyuan International Business Exhibition Co., Ltd. Import and Export Department

The company's business scope includes exporting gifts, handicrafts, shoes and clothing, stone materials, etc., as well as acting as an import and export agent.

Company Address: 16th Floor, Huakai Fugui Plaza, No. 8 Dongda Road, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

Contact number: 0591-87558898

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