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Corporate spirit: Working together, innovating and striving

Core Competence:Win the market with professional exhibition services and excellent exhibition teams

Enterprise Talent View:If there is success, there is success (retaining people through salary and benefits, shaping people through cultural heritage, cultivating people through development mechanisms, and warming people through family atmosphere)

business philosophy:Only with quality can there be a market, and only with innovation can there be development

Huiyuan Office Environment, Have You Been Excited~~

Since 2016, the company has held a "Family Day" event every December,

Invite family and friends of company employees to participate in the "Family Day" event to enhance their sense of belonging to the company.

In 2018, Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd.'s business backbone team building activity,

Encourage colleagues to work hard for the better and faster development of the company!

In order to cultivate the backbone of the company's future development, we organized the "Design and Implementation of Excellent Performance Models" activity,

Invite lecturer Teacher Tian Junxiong to give a lecture to enhance the innovation and leadership abilities of key employees.

To create a professional exhibition talent team, jointly organized by Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Fujian Business School

The signing ceremony of Fujian Business College Huiyuan Exhibition Industry College was successfully held at the Mingdelou University Student Activity Center.

The company cooperates with major universities in Fuzhou every year, inviting college students majoring in exhibitions to come to the company for internships, so that students can have a deeper understanding of the exhibition industry

Enhance students' practical abilities and cultivate their ability to analyze and solve problems.

The annual company meeting gives employees a sense of pride, belonging, and honor, while also stimulating their enthusiasm

Mobilized employees to have a new passion and vision for work at the beginning of the new year.

Caring for education and giving back to society. The company donated desks, chairs, and teaching supplies to two primary schools in Longyan City and Zhangzhou City.

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