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Hong Kong International Stationery Exhibition

Hong Kong International Stationery Exhibition

  • Exhibition Time:2021年01月11日-14日
  • Exhibition Highlights:One of the important platforms for purchasing office stationery in Asia
    was held in the same location as the large-scale Hong Kong Toy Exhibition
  • Exhibition site:Hong Kong, China - Wan Chai
  • Exhibition industry:Office supplies Stationery supplies
  • Exhibition scale:4000 square meters
  • Host organization:TDC/Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd
  • Product description

Scope of Exhibits

1. School supplies: school stationery, stationery boxes, backpacks, dictionaries, calculators, tools, outdoor learning for students, sports equipment, teaching aids, multimedia, electronic teaching equipment, etc;

2. Paper and printed products: office paper and transparent paper, instant stickers, labels, exercise books, organizing books, diary books, photo albums, envelopes, paper bags, cards, paper crafts, calendars, household paper, industrial packaging paper, etc;

3. Office supplies: attendance system, document sorting system, binding equipment, demonstration equipment, mailing, pasting, stamping equipment, office boxes, business luggage supplies, small leather goods, office furniture, etc;

4. Office systems: communication equipment, data storage equipment, financial and banking equipment, commercial hardware and accessories, overall office solutions, office lighting, etc;

Printing technology and consumables: printing and copying equipment and consumables, digital imaging equipment, ink, toner, OPC, recycled printer consumables, special effects printing applications, etc;

5. Writing supplies: pens, boss pens, pencils, marker pens, signature pens, ballpoint pens, fluorescent pens, multi-purpose pens, pen making parts, and ink;

6. Painting and art supplies: painting brushes, pigments, ink, varnish, paper, cloth, carving boards, painting tools, brushes, knives, color palettes, etc;

7. Stationery gifts: luxury pens, gift paper, greeting cards, packaging supplies, desk items, business gifts, photo racks, e-commerce gifts, trendy, authorized gifts, promotional gifts, packaging paper, packaging bags, picture calendars, briefcases, business luggage supplies, office gifts, advertising gifts, promotional supplies, computer software, hardware, photo paper, computer peripheral products, computer consumables, teaching instruments and equipment, party supplies, etc.



Exhibition Profile

This exhibition brought together a total of 257 exhibitors from 15 countries and regions, including regional exhibition groups from South Korea and Taiwan

20960 professional buyers from 107 countries and regions were invited to purchase innovative art and creative handicrafts, gifts and stationery, school supplies, office supplies, paper and printing materials, and writing utensils

The number of buyers from overseas and mainland China has increased, with the top ten countries and regions in terms of buyer numbers being mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, the United States, Japan, Thailand, India, the Philippines, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom

At the same time, a series of seminars were held to invite industry experts to analyze new design trends and explore the new opportunities brought by e-commerce to the industry, allowing industry insiders to grasp new industry information

The Hong Kong International Stationery Exhibition was jointly organized by the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council and Frankfurt Exhibitions (Hong Kong) Limited, and was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center with satisfactory results. Stationery Exhibition has always been an important procurement event in the Asia Pacific region. This year, 257 exhibitors from 15 countries and regions are gathered, and five themed exhibition areas will continue to be established, namely "Creative Handicrafts", "School Supplies", "Gift Stationery", and "Writing Equipment and Paper", providing a convenient and efficient one-stop procurement platform for buyers from all over the world.

Gathering numerous new brand trends

Exhibits range from stylish and trendy items to traditional stationery, including genuine grass pens made from environmentally friendly materials, non stick five color mixed chalk, pen shaped rolling knives, bright and colorful creative gift packaging, greeting cards, notepads, art and creative handicraft materials, backpacks, and multi-purpose desktop storage devices.

The Hong Kong International Stationery Exhibition is a choice for international buyers to purchase and seek new business opportunities. More and more emerging brands and outstanding enterprises are choosing the Hong Kong International Stationery Exhibition as a platform for them to showcase their innovative designs and promote their brands.

Internationalization of buyer sources

This year's exhibition recorded a total of 20960 professional buyers from 107 countries and regions visiting and purchasing. The top ten countries and regions are mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, the United States, Japan, Thailand, India, the Philippines, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom.

The exhibitors showcased a variety of new products, attracting many well-known international and local buyers to visit and purchase, such as Instant Gifts International Ltd, a major gift design and distribution company in the UK, and Asia Books, a well-known bookstore in Thailand, purchasing high-quality, innovative, and unique products at the stationery exhibition.

Simultaneously exciting activities provide market information and industry exchange opportunities

During the 2018 exhibition, a series of exciting events were held to provide buyers and exhibitors with new market information and a great opportunity to meet strategic partners. The event received active participation from industry professionals:

The "Digital Marketing Strategy for Stationery" seminar held on the day of the exhibition invited Mr. Wei Baitao, Business Development Manager of SHOPLINE, and Mr. Liu Dawen, Founder of ConnectAR, to discuss new e-commerce trends with attendees, introduce multiple online sales platforms, and share online promotion and O2O (online and offline entities) marketing strategies.

Another seminar titled "Talking about Stationery Design Trends" invited two designers, Mr. Ali Moosa, Manager of Kubrick ArtPick, and Mr. Lin Jihua, Creative Director of Green&Associates, to share insights on new product design and green stationery trends, helping industry professionals develop better business strategies and create more business opportunities.

In order to enhance the industry's understanding of the the Belt and Road, the "Buyer Forum: Market Opportunities for the the Belt and Road" invited PT from Indonesia Ms. Dhaanna M. Tanuwidjaja, Director of Logika Prima Perdana, and PT David Wijaya, Procurement Manager of Solusi e-commerce Global, provides information on the Indonesian market, buyer procurement conditions, and requirements, allowing industry professionals to seize relevant opportunities.

On the second day of the Southeast Asian exhibition, an exchange cocktail party was held, providing a platform for buyers, exhibitors, well-known brands, and industries from around the world to meet and promote industry exchanges.

Another highlight of the exhibition is the product exhibition area located at the entrance of Exhibition Hall 5B, with the theme of "Stationery Collection Art", showcasing a series of finely designed and cleverly styled stationery and art supplies. These dazzling exhibits attract a large number of visitors to stop and admire.






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