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Frankfurt Spring International Consumer Goods Exhibition, Germany

Frankfurt Spring International Consumer Goods Exhibition, Germany

  • Exhibition Time:2021年02月19日-23日
  • Exhibition Highlights:One of the world's largest consumer goods exhibitions
    More than two-thirds of exhibitors have achieved their expected exhibition objectives
  • Exhibition site:Germany Frankfurt
  • Exhibition industry:Daily consumer goods
  • Exhibition scale:310000 square meters
  • Host organization:Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd
  • Product description

Scope of Exhibits

1. The world of dining tables, kitchenware, and household products: glass, porcelain, ceramics, metal utensils, cooking utensils, plates and fryers, small appliances, baking utensils, household cleaning equipment and utensils, kitchenware accessories and textiles, food stores, etc;

2. Gift World: International gift series, stationery, leather products, games, handicrafts and handicrafts, tobacco sets, paintings, candles, manufactured and collected limited edition gifts, handcrafted series products, original design and popular gifts, seasonal decorations, contemporary handicrafts, clothing and jewelry, etc;

3. Interior decoration world: rural residences, ethnic furniture and accessories, designed furniture, home accessories and textiles, indoor lighting fixtures, bathroom supplies, personal furniture, classic home accessories, paintings and frames, cast mirrors, furniture, home accessories, home textiles, etc.

Exhibition Profile

The Frankfurt Spring International Consumer Goods Exhibition is a grand exhibition in the global consumer goods industry and one of the well-known consumer goods exhibitions in Germany. The product types are complete, and the exhibition directly reflects the prospects of the consumer market that year, and determines the consumer trend and mainstream products of that year. As an important consumer goods exhibition in the world, Ambiente has entered the market with a new lifestyle and showcased three themes - household goods, gifts, and decorations, bringing business opportunities to businesses.



According to official statistics, 135000 buyers from 152 countries came to Frankfurt to participate in this world trade exhibition in the consumer goods field, witnessing the position of the Spring Consumer Goods Exhibition as a ordering platform for the consumer goods industry. The number of visitors from important European consumer goods markets has also increased, with the top ten source countries being Italy, France, the Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, China, Russia, and Austria. 50% of visitors come from outside Germany, with importers accounting for 68.3% and wholesalers accounting for 59.3%.

The Frankfurt Consumer Goods and Gifts Exhibition provides a market with a certain breadth and depth, and is composed of people from different industries, which is also a good opportunity for exhibitors to do business. Here you can meet professional buyers and be exposed to new product trends. This exhibition is an important platform for Chinese consumer product manufacturers to export to Europe and even the world. According to a survey conducted on exhibitors and visitors at the exhibition site, 95% of the visitors expressed "satisfaction" or "very satisfied" with the exhibition results.

market analysis

Germany is a relatively developed country in terms of economy. Calculated at the US dollar exchange rate, it is the world's fourth largest economy and the world's fifth largest economy at purchasing power parity. Germany is also an important European economy. The German economy started well in 2016. According to information released by the Federal Bureau of Statistics on May 13, 2016, the average economic activity grew by 0.7% in the first quarter of 2016, with a significant increase. This is mainly attributed to the active development of the domestic economy.

Meanwhile, in the past few months, the performance of commodity exports has also improved. The employment rate continued to significantly increase in the first quarter, with new employment mainly concentrated in the service industry. Household consumption demand remains at a high level. The retail sentiment index remains high. Under the overall favorable economic environment in Germany, especially on the basis of a strong job market and stable commodity prices, consumer enthusiasm for consumption has skyrocketed.

According to statistics from the European Bureau of Statistics, from January to November 2016, the bilateral reverse export of goods between Germany and China reached $148.93 billion. Among them, Germany's exports to China amounted to 77.61 billion US dollars, accounting for 6.3% of Germany's total exports; Germany imports 71.32 billion US dollars from China, accounting for 7.3% of Germany's total imports. From January to November, Germany's trade surplus with China was 6.29 billion US dollars, an increase of 159.4%. As of November, China is Germany's fourth largest export destination and third largest source of imports.






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