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Cross Strait (Quanzhou) agricultural products purchase and order meeting

Cross Strait (Quanzhou) agricultural products purchase and order meeting

  • Exhibition Time:2021年09月06日-08日
  • Exhibition Highlights:An important platform for one-stop agricultural commerce and trade to explore the market
    one of the designated grassroots agricultural exhibitions of the Ministry of Commerce
  • Exhibition site:China Quanzhou
  • Exhibition industry:Agricultural food
  • Exhibition scale:25000m2
  • Host organization:Cross strait economic and Trade Exchange Association
  • Product description

Scope of exhibits

Grain and oil, special agricultural products, fruits, aquatic products, food, agricultural product processing, machinery, agriculture related e-commerce, etc.

Exhibition Profile

The "agricultural reservation fair" indoor exhibition hall built by this agricultural products fair covers an area of 25000 square meters, with 800 international standard booths. The conference further strengthened the selection of exhibitors, paid attention to the quality of agricultural products at home and abroad, highlighted the innovation of business models, and strived to improve the display of the agricultural industry chain. Recently, 470 excellent enterprises have been determined to participate in this "agricultural subscription conference". The scope of the exhibition mainly covers grain and oil, special agricultural products, fruits, aquatic products, food, agricultural product processing, machinery, agricultural e-commerce, etc. The exhibition will focus on the idea of four "boosts" and strive to create a more wonderful, effective and influential agricultural event by holding a series of meetings, forums and supporting activities that are both tall and grounded.

As one of the designated grassroots agricultural exhibitions to Taiwan by the Ministry of Commerce, the cross strait (Quanzhou) agricultural products purchase and order meeting is representative and influential on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. This year, Nan'an will continue to rely on the "agricultural commission" as an important one-stop agricultural business platform for cross-strait market development, product procurement, technical exchanges, and innovative cooperation, and will build Nan'an into a bridgehead and distribution center for Taiwan's agricultural and sideline products (including meat, fruits and vegetables, and aquatic products) in the mainland, contributing to building Quanzhou into a home for Taiwan compatriots and enterprises to land in the mainland.



The wave of rural e-commerce swept

On the basis of maintaining the original scale of supply and demand negotiation and matchmaking meetings, the conference will hold special matchmaking meetings such as "cross strait agricultural products supply and demand negotiation and matchmaking meeting", "Taiwan boutique special matchmaking meeting", "cross strait excellent aquatic products commerce and trade matchmaking meeting", strengthen the accurate matching, promote the conclusion of transactions, and strive to further improve the effect of enterprises participating in the conference and their willingness to repeat the exhibition.

At the same time, we will deepen the operation of the Internet + agricultural e-commerce summit, invite cross-strait agricultural we media communities, agricultural e-commerce brand operation experts and agricultural e-commerce practice experts to carry out in-depth discussions on expanding agricultural means of sale, agricultural finance, offline services and other aspects, and help cross-strait agricultural enterprises further promote the development of agricultural production from extensive mode to standardized, industrialized, scientific and technological intensive mode, so as to capture more business opportunities in the future.

Agricultural science achievements innovation release

With the original intention of taking the market as the standard, the quality as the criterion, and the public praise as the purpose, we will continue to select the "top ten popular hand gift awards across the Taiwan Strait" and the "top ten popular agricultural product service providers across the Taiwan Strait" to help the people on both sides of the Strait have a deep understanding of local characteristics of hand gift products and excellent agricultural product service providers, promote economic and trade exchanges of agricultural products across the Strait, and deepen exchanges between the people on both sides of the Strait.

The exhibition will add a "conference of agricultural scientific and technological innovation achievements" to release new scientific and technological achievements in the agricultural field across the Taiwan Strait in recent years, and promote the dissemination and application of advanced agricultural scientific research concepts and achievements,

Enjoy beer and delicious food

As a supporting event of the exhibition loved by friends from all walks of life, Southern Fujian cuisine represented by Nanan honglai flavor snacks and Taiwan beer brewing led by Jim dad brand gathered together. Taiwan's indigenous pineapple crisp, rich rice flavored rice stick, high mountain tea, sorghum wine, black carp roe sauce, nougat, three meter noodles, meat floss, square crisp, red meat pitaya, red heart guava and other products "sharp goods" appeared together, Provide the guests and the audience with the sensory enjoyment of smell and taste, promote the integration of catering culture across the Straits, and improve the sales of agricultural products and ingredients on site.






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